The Brief

We want a site that stands out from our competitors. A site that was faster, easy to navigate and ultimately increase revenue.  To do this, we needed specific landing pages for popular treatments and services that are directly linked to our Google Ad campaigns to improve conversions, bookings and ROI.

What were your primary online business objectives with the site redesign?

We already had good traffic to our website but really should be seeing more online bookings and product sales and feel our landing pages were letting us down.  People can’t find what they are looking for quickly enough and pages had too much content and no real wow factor.

We also wanted to dramatically improve the online shopping experience as more and more businesses are seeing that building an eCommerce website offers a viable channel for revenue growth and small business management.

The site had to be fast and highly optimised for mobile users. We want this site to adopt the latest trends in web design and technology to give it the longest possible future and ROI.

What perception should the new site give?
Professional, approachable, welcoming, quality, consistent, high-end, friendly, knowledgeable, industry leaders.  

What is the single most important point you wish to make to your audience? 
Fresh, clean and light website that is easy to navigate and encourage visitors to want to spend more time on the site!

The Challenge

The most interesting part of the design phase was how we were going to show a persona of luxury and high-end without being intimidating or even unapproachable. The design therefore had to be about appearing fresh, inviting, professional, experienced and high-end but also show the personalities of their highly skilled team. 

The other challenge was to create a user experience that was not dissimilar to when a client actually visits the clinic for a treatment and is provided with recommendations for skin care products. 

The Solution

The entire site is built around the customer journey and providing a great user experience (UX).  

A high level of salience was applied to draw attention to information or objects that stand out and catch our eye. Visitors would be drawn to what’s dominant on the page or screen – imagery, colour, larger, bolder fonts or symbols for example. 

There had to be a level of cognitive ease – when information is presented in a way that requires minimal cognitive capacity or mental effort and lets someone make decisions. 

Some customers don’t know what treatment they are after so instead, visitors can look for a treatment based on a skin condition they may have. That could range from acne through to anti-wrinkle treatments. The website dynamically presents treatments and complimentary skin care products based on the users skin condition.

The Result

“We believe TW9 have created a totally unique website and one that is quite different to other similar businesses and competitors. It’s a site that is dynamic and evolves or changes with special dates, events and seasonal promotions. An important aspect is our ability to be able to make ongoing changes to the site ourselves and without requiring training or user manuals. And as the content changes, our search engine optimisation and ranking improves.  We love that the branding and persona of the website flows through to our social media channels to then provides the same customer experience from our omni-channel strategy.” 

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